Bioglow Kiln-Dried Logs Comparison Guide

Kiln-Dried Logs

Oak Kiln-Dried Logs

Beech Kiln-Dried Logs

Price / Pallet

€499 / 50 x 30L Nets

€379 / 0.95 stacked cubic meter crate

€275 / 1 stacked cubic meter crate


Hardwood Oak

Hardwood Beech

Moisture Content

Some logs ≤5%, all logs <20%

All logs <20%

Heating Value 1)

5.35 kWh/kg

5.15 kWh/kg

Log Length

approx 25 cm (10 inch) or 33 cm (13 inch)

33 cm (13 inch)

Pallet / Weight

ca. 600kg for 50 nets

ca. 390-410kg for crates

ca. 390-410kg

Notes 2)

Generally considered one of the very best wood fuel logs. It burns fairly slowly with nice flames and produces an excellent long lasting heat even when only the embers are left.

These logs are perfect for modern stoves, where the air inflow can be adjusted to achieve desired length of burn. They are easy to light and burn with bright lively flames and a pleasing smell. 


2) For guidance only. Results depend on type of appliance used, quantity of firewood loaded and air inflow setting. Please contact us for details.

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