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Price / 960kg pallet€399.00
Wood100% Oak HardwoodPine / SprucePine / Spruce100% Birch Hardwood100% Oak Hardwood
ShapeRound solidRound solidOctagonalBrick
Heating value16.125 MJ/kg16.414 MJ/kg17.794 MJ/kg17.129 MJ/kg16.608 MJ/kg
Ash Residue0.24 %

0.46%0.65 %

0.4 %

Moisture Content6.8%11%4.5 %7.1 %7.1%
Briquette Size9.0 cm diameter x 27.5 cm9.0 cm diameter x 27.5 cm6.3 x 6.3 x 23 cm14.5 x 6.5 x 10 cm65mm x 90mm x 150mm (approx. 2.5 x 3.5 x 6 in.)
Briquette Weight2 kg2kg0.83 kg0.83 kg0.83 kg
Pack / Weight5 Pcs / 10 kg5 Pcs / 10 kg12 Pcs / 10 kg12 Pcs / 10 kg12 Pcs / 10 kg
Pallet / Weight96 Packs / 960 kg96 Packs / 960 kg96 Packs / 960 kg96 packs / 960 kg96 packs / 960 kg
Burn Duration*)> 4 hrs> 4 hrs> 4 hrsUp to 2.5 hrsUp to 3 hrs
Burn ExpansionSomeLowNoneLowLow
Burn SmokeNoNoNoNoNo
Sawdust in packageNoNoNoSomeSome
Breakable by handYesNoNoNo
NotesBest for larger stoves. Take care not to overload the stove - expansion possible.Exceptionally well compressed large briquette. Ideal for larger stoves and fireplaces. Less expansion than Oak NestroVersatile, also suitable for wood burning cookers due to high burning temperatureVersatile, all-rounder briquette, compact and economical
Versatile, all-rounder briquette, longer burning than birch RUF

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*) Depends on type of appliance used, quantity loaded and amount of air intake / burn intensity.

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