Guide to storing and using heat logs

Sunday 12th November 2017

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your heat logs and enjoy them safely.


Heat logs are supplied wrapped or bagged in polythene film; however, wrapping does not guarantee 100% protection again moisture. This is particularly the case for Pini-Kay briquettes and Round wood briquettes which are packed in shrink wrap where gaps in packaging at the edges of the pack sometimes appear during automated wrapping process. Brick shaped RUF briquettes or heat logs are normally supplied in sealed polythene bags without gaps.

For this reason heat logs should be stored off the floor and away from a source of dripping water or leaking pipes. The pallet the briquettes have been supplied on works brilliantly to keep the heat logs away from the floor and walls.

Polythene film will protect heat logs from elements and dirt and under normal conditions wrapped logs will last several months in storage. After a few months, particularly if they came into contact with moisture, they may soften or become crumbly, however, they will still burn.

If during handling or delivery the film on the outside of the pallet gets torn, use these packs first, since incomplete wrapping can reduce the time briquettes will stay dry.

To burn the briquettes

Please read instructions for your stove and if needed adjustments should be made to general suggestions listed below. The manufacturer's recommendations always prevail.

First, fully open the air vents on your appliance in order to supply enough oxygen for starting the fire. Then at the bottom of the firebox place some firelighters and dry paper for tinder and make a small pile of kindling sticks above the tinder. After that place two or three briquettes around and on top of the small pile of tinder and kindling, close enough for the flames to touch the briquettes.  

Now you can light the tinder in several places and once the tinder is fully aflame, add a few more sticks of kindling. At this point the briquettes should start catching fire. Keep the air flow vents fully open. Briquettes need some time to become sufficiently hot. Allow briquettes to burn for up to 15 minutes, then gradually add more briquettes to fill up to a maximum of half of the firebox.

You can experiment to work out the best number of heat logs but never overload your appliance! It is recommendable to only load your appliance up to a maximum of half of its volume.

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