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Bioglow Lumpwood Charcoal

Lumpwood Charcoal 10kg Bags FSC 100% Free Shipping

Graded to remove smaller pieces - less dusty. 

Larger chunks of charcoal burn hot and last long for a great quality, fuss-free barbecue.

Packaged in eco-friendly 10kg paper bags.

Free from African and tropical timber.

Sustainably sourced and certified FSC 100% by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Suitable for all barbecues.

1 x 10kg
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2 x 10kg bag
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15 x 10kg bags
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30 x 10kg Bags
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Pizza biquettes

Mundus Viridis Pizza Briquettes FSC 100%

Product Highlights:

  • These beech briquettes produce less smoke & soot for a delicious pizza taste
  • Enjoy a wonderful beech aroma
  • Made from sustainably harvested timber as confirmed by FSC 100% certification
  • Safe for food prep so ideal for use in professional and home pizza ovens and BBQs 
  • Packaged in plastic free 15kg card boxes 
  • Low moisture: 6-8% for a high burning temperature

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One box - 15kg
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Two boxes - 30kg
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Four boxes - 60kg
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64 Boxes - 960kg
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