Q: What are the differences between the various types of wood briquettes and heat logs?

A: Bioglow Pini-Kay briquettes burn the hottest and contain the least moisture. For this reason it is the only type of briquette suitable for a wood burning cooker. These are our hottest burning briquettes, also perfect for moden wood stoves. They do not expand in the fire.

For larger stoves and open fires, we recommend Nestro briquettes - these weigh 2kg each (compared to RUF and Pini-Kay at 0.83 kg each), round and look great in an open fire, much like real logs.

If you are looking for a more economical option and don't mind some sawdust in your package, then RUF Heat Logs are a good choice. Both the Nestro and RUF Heat Logs expand when burning, so it's important not to overload your appliance.

If you’d like to discuss your requirements in more detail, we are happy to chat on 01 539 5667 or if you’d rather read some materials, detailed information is available in our Wood Briquette and Heat Log Comparison Guide.

Q: Can you mix different products on one pallet?

A: We can mix two types of briquettes on one pallet (for example 480 kg of type 1 and 480 kg of type 2). The maximum weight of products delivered on one full pallet is 960 kg. Please contact us or put in a note with your order if you would like two products delivered on the same pallet.  

Q: What VAT rate is included in the price?

A: 5% or 13.5% for domestic use depending on whether your order is filled from our Northern Ireland or Dublin depots. If you are VAT registered in Ireland, we can supply most products to you from our Northern Ireland store net of VAT on receipt of your VAT number. Please contact us for a quotation if you are purchasing for business use. 

Q: Can you deliver my order on a specific date?

A: The standard economy delivery is a 2/3 business day non-timed service. On request, we are happy to provide free named-day delivery from third working day onwards. Alternatively, we can offer an economy booked-in service where the delivery courier calls you to arrange a suitable date and time for delivery. There is no charge for either of the above services. Please send us a note if you'd like to book a named day or booked-in delivery or you have any other special delivery requirements. 

We need to have your order in by 2pm on a given day for it to be processed for dispatch that same day. 

Q: Will you carry the briquettes into my house/garden/shed?

A: Delivery is contracted to kerbside only. However, drivers will normally move your goods to the nearest point accessible by a flat and level surface, even if this is inside your garage or shed. The drivers are not required to remove products from the pallet, or to carry these inside your property.

Q: Will the logs / wood briquettes be delivered across a gravel driveway or a grass area?

A: The standard method for delivering pallets is by a hand operated trolley which requires a hard and reasonably level surface. Pallet trolleys cannot move across gravel, sand, grass or any other soft, loose surface. If the desired delivery location cannot be accessed by a pallet trolley, delivery will be made to the nearest accessible location. If in doubt, please contact us and we will be pleased to advise. You are responsible for ensuring that your delivery location is accessible as described here. If delivery is declined or not possible (for example, where the pallet would obstruct passing traffic or create a safety hazard), you will be responsible for the cost of returned delivery up to €50.

Q: What are my options for delivery to gravel, grass, or limited access locations? 

Add a heavy duty sack truck to your order for only €60 and easily move up to 325kg in one go from the pallet unloading place to your store - that's a €75 value. Limit one per customer please. Please allow additional 3-4 days for delivery where this option is selected.

Q: I work / live near the delivery location but will not be there all day. Will the delivery company call me so I can meet them?

A: Yes, we can ask the delivery company to call you. Alternatively, we can call you on the morning of delivery day to advise the delivery window, or arrange booked in delivery (see above). Please call us on 01 539 5667 or send us a note with your order to any special delivery requirements.

Q: Will you let me know what day the delivery is?

 A: Yes we would be happy to do this for you. Please send us a note with your order or contact us by telephone or email.

Q: How long do briquettes last in storage?

A: Evidence varies with some unopened packs lasting well for a year, while some bags with slight damage during delivery or not completely sealed have lasted a few months. If you are buying to store for an extended period of time, please give us a call and we will provide further advice.

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