Kiln-Dried Logs

Looking to buy kiln-dried hardwood logs in bulk? You've come to the right place!

Kiln-dried hardwood firewood logs are carefully selected split ash and oak logs that have been dried in special-purpose drying chambers to a moisture of less than 20%. This compares to anything from 30% and higher in seasoned logs. These are some of the best logs available for your fireplace because:

- the logs are ready to burn as soon as they are delivered

- they light easily and produce a roaring fire in minutes

- almost no smoke and creosotes (products of incomplete wood combustion) are generated

- the formation of tar deposits in the chimney is significantly reduced compared to the use of seasoned logs, so fewer chimney sweeps are needed

Our hardwood kiln-dried logs are sourced exclusively in sustainably managed forests of north-eastern Europe, come in 100% oak or ash and are packed into handy crates and boxes for delivery. The crates are covered with film to protect from the vagaries of the British weather, so you can enjoy a blazing hot fire when you want it!

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